Official Raspberry Pi 4 model B Adapter - 5V/3A Black/ White


This is the Official Raspberry Pi Foundation USB-C Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications:


Output voltage: +5.1V DC Minimum load current: 
0A Nominal load current: 3.0A Maximum power: 
15.3W Load regulation: ±5%
Line regulation: ±2%

Protection: Short circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Over temperature protection

Efficiency: 81% minimum (output current from 100%,
75%, 50%, 25%)

72% minimum at 10% load

Output cable: 1.5m 18AWG Output connector: 
USB Type-C

Voltage range: 100-240Vac (rated)

96-264Vac (operating) Frequency: 50/60Hz ±3Hz
Current: 0.5A maximum

Power consumption (no load): 0.075W maximum

Inrush current: No damage shall occur and the input fuse 
shall not blow

Kit include:

1 x Official Raspberry Pi 4 model B Adapter - 5V/3A Black

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15 JD
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