Op-Amp LM358


The LM358 is a greateasy-to-use dual-channel opamp. Opamps have so many applications we figured we should probably carry at least one in a DIP package. LM358 applications include transducer amplifiersDC gain blocks and all the conventional opamp circuits.

If you're looking for a goodstandard opamp the LM358 should fill most of your needs. It can handle a supply of 3-32VDC and source up to 20mA per channel. This opamp is great if you need to operate two individual opamps from a single power supply. Comes in an 8-pin DIP package.


  • Two internally compensated op-amps
  • Internally frequency compensated for unity gain
  • Large DC voltage gain: 100 dB
  • Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1 MHz (temperature compensated)
  • Wide power supply range:
  • Single supply: 3V to 32V
  • or dual supplies: 1.5V to 16V


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