Openlog data recorder flight control board FLASH serial port Supports (SD Card)


 This product is a data recorder, which can record data on a memory card through a universal serial port of uart. This function is similar to a black box to record the data sent by the master device to the serial port, and save the data in text form on the memory card. This product can be used for the flight control board with cleanflight firmware, connected to the corresponding serial port, and can record the important operation data of the UAV on the memory card through the setting of the upper computer software cleanfnlight configurator. And through Blackbox flight data recorder software, the flight record is played back and analyzed.

 Note: after the memory card is inserted for the first time and powered on, the config.txt file will be produced on the memory card, in which the baud rate parameter of the serial port is replaced. This parameter can be modified, please keep the serial port baud rate of the flight control or main circuit consistent with the baud rate of the recorder.


Input voltage 3.3V ~ 12V (recommended 3.3V ~ 5V)

The memory format is FAT32 and supports up to 64GB of memory.

UART serial interface

Adjustable baud rate

Default bootloader is pro mini atmega328P 5v 16MHz

 technical parameters:

1 supports storage in the fat16/fat32 format TF card, and the storage capacity can reach 32G.

2. Simple command line interface

3 Change the config file in the TF card on the computer (if it is a new card, the config file will be automatically created when the card is powered on for the first time after insertion) to change the settings, such as baud rate. You can change the serial port settings without purchasing any special tools to make them use your needs.

4 three modes: Create, add, and command

5 baud rate can be set...

6 ensure that the minimum connections for operation are vcc, gnd, rx

7 two LED lights indicate the running status

8 input voltage 3.3V to 12V, preferably 3.3 to 5V.

9 idle current 2ma, 6ma at the maximum recording rate.

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