Original MGN9H Linear Guide 1000mm Miniature Linear Rail Slide


Original MGN9H Linear Guide (Customized Length)1000mm

CNC Parts MGN9H 1000mm Miniature Linear Rail Slide 

Rail: MGN9
Block: MGN9H
Material: Steel
Length:1000 mm
Width: 9mm
Quantity: 1pcs

High precision, smooth, high wear resistance and low noise.
Advanced production technology, precise products, high hardness and durability.
High bearing capacity and low friction.
Widely used in CNC machine tools, machining centers, electronics, automated machinery, textile machinery, automotive woodworking machinery, printing machinery, etc.
Installation Precautions:
When installing, do not remove the plastic rail in the slider in advance, otherwise it will easily cause the steel ball in the slider to fall out during assembly and cannot be installed and used normally.


Please note that the package not include linear block.

Package Included:
1 x MGN9 Linear Rail 

Kit include:

1 x MGN9 Linear Rail 

Please note that the package not include linear block.

80 JD
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