Oxygen sensor module O2 TTL


The module amplifies the analog signal output from the oxygen electrochemical sensor and sends it to the STM32 microcontroller ADC acquisition port. After the internal filtering operation of the STM32 microcontroller, the oxygen concentration in the air is calculated and then output from the serial port. The module is compatible with electrochemical probes such as 4OXV, ME2-O2, AAY80-390R. The module uses a high-precision rail-to-rail op amp AD86xx amplifier circuit, integrated ARM Cortex M0 32-bit CPU, 12-bit ADC sampling, serial port output oxygen concentration, calibration output value through serial port calibration, baud rate 115200.

According to the electrochemical principle, the electrochemical gas sensor uses the measured gas to generate a corresponding redox reaction on the working electrode and the counter electrode of the sensor and discharges the electric charge, and forms a current through the external circuit, and the current is proportional to the gas concentration, thereby achieving the target. Quantitative measurement of gas.

Applicable areas:

It can be used in automotive, home, laboratory, coal, steel, petrochemical, medical and other measurement environments.

Serial port receiving oxygen concentration:


1. Oxygen sensor measurement range (%): 0-30

2, working life: > 24 months to reach 85% of the initial signal

3, size (mm): Φ20.3 × 16.8mm

4. Output: 80 - 120 μA @ 22°C, 20.9% O2

5, linearity (ppm): <0.6 linear error at full scale (zero point, 400ppm)

6, temperature range: -30 - 55 ° C

7, pressure range: 80 - 120Kpa

8, voltage 5V

9, serial port digital output TTL

Kit include:

1 X Oxygen sensor module O2 TTL

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