Parallel Charging Board Balance T Plug for Lipo 2S - 6S XT60 Battery Charger Line


New style Li-Po charging adaptor board 2-6S charge/balance board is used to connect and charge 1 to 6 batteries in parallel (including the Li-Po, Li-Fe and Lion)

High Quality 2S-6S Lipo Parallel Charging Board Charger Plate T Plug for Imax B6 B6AC B8 6in1

Our parallel charge boards allow you to charge and balance up to six battery packs simultaneously without a clutter of wires. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they give you the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.

The board is already wired in parallel, all you need to do is plug your batteries' charge and balance connectors to the board - ensuring that all the batteries are the same cell count. Each board can charge up to six batteries, from 2S up to 6S, at up to a 30A charge rate.


1.100% brand new

2.:parallel charging board For lipo  balance charger, Such as Imax B6 B8 B6AC,UNA6,and  other balance chargers

3.Save your money, Save your time, 6AKKUS at  One Time (2s-6s: 2s*6 or 3s*6 or 4s*6;5s or  6 or  6s*6), just take 1/6 of the customary time can connection in series 3 pcs this  parallel charging board one time, that means you can charge max 18 pcs AKKUS  at the same time


1.balanced output line using 20AWG multi-strand silicone wire.

2.main output line using high-quality 14AWG multi-strand silicone wire.

3.T-Plug with a security plug silicone cap.

4.high-quality AMASS output plug.

5.Thicker PCB copper, can pass 30A of charge current safely

Package size:  16 * 8 * 4cm / 6.4 * 3.2 * 1.6 in

Package weight: 146g / 5.1 oz

شرح :


Note: Battery not included


  • It can protect the charging batteries when short circuit happens.
  • It can support combined use for three parallel charging boards (means you can charge eighteen batteries which have the same characters simultaneously).
  • It has 2OZ-thick copper foil, so it can withstand continual current of 80A.
  • It can prevent each cell overcharge to improve the balance efficiency, and the later period of the balance charging cycle is shorted substantially.
  • It consumes only 1/6 of the time when charging six batteries separately consumes to save total charging time.
  • It avoids the trouble of replacing batteries repeatedly.
  • Adopt 20AWG multistrand silicon line for the equilibrium output line
  • Adopt 14AWG multistrand high quality silicon line for the main output line
  • Equipped with secure T plug silicon cap
  • Apply high quality AMASS output plug
  • Thicken PCB copper foil, to allow 30A charging current securely
  • Dimension: Approx. 14*6.7*2.5cm (L*W*H)

Kit include:

1 x Charging Adaptor Board

1 x 6S Line

1 x User Manual

16 JD
In stock

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