Pedometer STP101M 3D Module


STP101M is a 3D pedometer module with functional chipset which include a G-sensor and MCU. It has adopted the impulse-type interface, with the 3D MEMS sensor (G sensor) and high precision of 3D pedometer algorithm, it can give a precisely pedometer in any direction. This module has the characteristics of small volume, low power and etc. The simple digital interface ensures it can be easily embedded in various kinds of pedometer functional system.


  • High precision 3D pedometer algorithm
  • Ultra-small size
  • Low sleep current
  • Pulse output interface
  • Work voltage:2.3V-3.6V
  • Work current:<25uA
  • Static current:<4uA


  • 3D pedometer
  • MP3 pedometer
  • Outdoor handheld
  • Healthcare products
  • Pedometer shoes

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