Piezo Vibration Sensor Piezoelectric thin Film AC Coupling LDT0-028K


Piezo Vibration Sensor Piezoelectric Film Vibration Sensor AC Coupling LDTO-0

High sensitivity AC coupling for piezoelectric thin film Piezo vibration sensor

LDT0-028K sensor having a good flexibility, using 28μm piezoelectric film, screen printing electrode paste thereon, the film is laminated on 0.125mm polyester substrate electrode lead by two crimp terminals. When the piezoelectric film by external force in the vertical direction from the neutral axis, will produce a high strain thus have a high voltage output on film. When a direct effect on the product to deform, LDT0 can be used as a flexible switch, the output generated is sufficient to direct trigger MOSFET and CMOS circuit; if the leading end support member and the free vibration of the element as a vibration sensor or accelerometer . Increasing the mass or the freedom to change the length of the sensor element will affect the resonance frequency and sensitivity of the mass can be off-axis multi-axis response. LDTM-028K using a cantilever structure, one end of the lead-out signal from the terminal end of the fixed mass, is capable of producing a high-sensitivity vibration sensor at low frequencies.


• welding terminal connections

• There are mass / no mass

• Good impact performance

• Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 85 ° C

• Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C

• LDT can withstand high temperature 125 ° C


• the washing machine vibration sensor

• low-power wake-up switch

• Low vibration sensor

• Car Alarms

• Medical Applications

• Security Systems

Kit include:

1 x Piezo vibration sensor



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