Pololu Stamped Aluminum L-Bracket Pair for 37D mm Metal Gearmotors


These light-weight brackets are specifically designed for Pololu’s 37D mm metal gearmotors. Each bracket features fourteen mounting holes (seven along each edge) for M3 or #4-size screws, giving you a variety of mounting options. A total of twelve 5 mm M3 screws (six for each bracket) are included for securing the motors to the brackets.

We also carry a machined bracket for our 37D mm gearmotors that provides an alternate, sturdier mounting option (this stamped L-bracket can bend under heavy load).


These dimensions apply to all brackets sold on or after June 11, 2014. The only change is the thickness of the bracket, which went from 1.5 mm to 2 mm.

These dimensions apply to all brackets sold before June 11, 2014; brackets sold after this date are 0.5 mm thicker.

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