Pro'sKit DP-366P Portable Suction Tin Desoldering Pump


Manual suction tin proper use:

1. Manual suction tin which has a spring, when used, the end of the first suction tin slider push until you hear a "click" sound, then the suction tin has been fixed.

2. Then heated iron on the contacts , the solder joints on the melting, while the suction tin solder nozzle close contact, press the button above suction tin solder to suck on, if one does not suck, you can repeat the above steps.

Basics of suction tin:

1. Repair disassemble parts needed suction tin, especially LSI, more difficult for demolition and not easyto damage the printed circuit board, resulting in unnecessary losses.

2. Simple manual suction tin , the material is generally plastic and aluminum, its head due to the often high temperature, and therefore are usually made of heat-resistant plastic.

3. Suction tin in use for some time must be cleaned, or part of an internal activity, the head will be stuck solder residue or affect sealing, suction fall, clearing the way varies with suction tin, but mostly tin suction head removed, then clean up the tin slag were clean.

Kit include:

1 x Pro'sKit DP-366P Portable Suction Tin Desoldering Pump

7.5 JD
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