Pure Nickel Strip,10m Roll of (0.15x8mm)


99.69% pure nickel strip

This is a high quality pure nickel nickel strip. If you are a professional battery pack maker, please choose a professional pulse spot welding machine, its welding machine effect will be better!

The length of each roll is 10m, you can buy it when you run out, don't waste it!

Welding Effect:

The nickel strips here can be welded directly to 18650, NiCd, NiMH and any other rechargeable batteries.

Good pure nickel soldering is very good and the joints are smooth!

Pure nickel and tin fuse easily and can be easily soldered!

Pure nickel has stable performance and will not be oxidized!

Choose different sizes according to the current size of the battery pack

The size is large, the current allowed to pass is large!

Properties of pure nickel strips:

1 - Pure nickel will not rust

Many merchants sell fake pure nickel, which is electroplated with nickel on the surface of the steel strip.

We did an experiment to scrape off the surface layer of pure nickel and electroplated nickel with a blade,

Then put them in the brine, the electroplated nickel strips rusted very quickly, the one on the left is our pure nickel, the brine inside is very clean, the pure nickel has not changed in the brine!

2 - Pure nickel is magnetic

The element nickel is magnetic at or near room temperature.

It can be attracted by magnets, which is a property of nickel metal.

This is also the way to distinguish true and false pure nickel!

3 - Weld Various Batteries

The pure nickel belt can weld various battery packs, 18650 power battery, 26650 battery, button battery, mobile phone battery and so on!


Features of pure nickel:

1. Has the physical and chemical properties of metallic nickel

2. It is resistant to strong alkali, neutral and weak acid, and has stable performance in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water.

Mainly used to make various mobile power sources, with low internal resistance.

3. There is also good corrosion resistance, excellent heat resistance and concentrated alkali solution corrosion.

It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline and neutral solution media such as carbonate, nitrate, sulfate, chloride and acetate.

4. It has good spot welding performance, high tensile tension and easy operation.

Kit include:

1 x Pure Nickel Strip,10m Roll

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