RB-150CS 360 Degree Rotation servo motor


The RB – 150CS is the Alsrobot newest generation of 360 degree continuous rotation motor servo. This continuous Rotation Servo is ideal for robotics and basic movement projects.  It is designed for continuous rotation and is easily interfaced with any Alsrobot microcontroller.


Continuous Move 


  • Operating Voltage:  5V
  • Operating Temperature Range:  0 to +60 Degree °C
  • Operating Speed (4.8V):  0.14sec/60°at no load
  • Operating Speed (6.0V):  0.12sec/60°at no load
  • Stall Torque: 13kg·cm (5.0V); 15kg·cm (6.0V); 16kg·cm (7.2V)
  • Connector Wire Length: 300mm

28 JD
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23.8 JD 100+ units

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