RC Snubber for switching inductive loads


1. Dimensions: length 18mm, height 40mm, width 12mm

2. Major components: capacitor, resistor, varistor

3. For the inductive load 5 to 400 vac. or DC (to 1000 W load)
4. The reduction and partial elimination of electromagnetic interference and voltage fluctuations

شرح :

 You say that the relay is optically separated? Unfortunately, even that may not be enough. The solution is to use this RC snubberu. It's basically a RC filter with a column of varistors, which will take care of the "extinction" of the spark, which causes problems. This filter is connected in parallel to the contacts of the relay. The module can also be used on other applications with a similar use.


Sepnete relay and the system "freezes"? It's probably the switching of an inductive load, the contacts of the relay will provoke a spark.


1 RC filter absorbs the inductive electromotive force.
2 Varistor - voltage dependent resistor. which stabilizes the voltage and eliminates the adhesion of the relay contacts. This of course prolongs the life and reliability alone relay.
3 Ensure immunity against EMC
4. Screw connector for easy wiring

Kit include:

1pc RC Snubber for switching inductive loads

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