RJ45 CAT6 8Pin Metal Shield Male Ethernet Connector


CAT6 shielded RJ45 Plug overview :

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: These clear CAT6 shielded RJ45 connectors effectively reduce wire twists and distance between contacts. Make sure the connection is firm and suppress frequency noise.

Shielded Metal Housing: Shielded 8 – pin CAT6 shielded RJ45 connector for shielded CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5E or CAT 5 wire. When used with shield wire, shield Plug resist inter ferrous to support higher transmission speeds and longer runtimes.


Type: 100 CAT6 shield RJ45 connectors

Connector grade: CAT6

Connector Type: 8P8C

Quantity: 100 CAT6 shielded RJ45 connectors

CAT6 shielded RJ45 connector material: gold plated + metal

0.15 JD
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