RS485 MODBUS RTU 12V RELAY MODULE 1-CHANNEL with Anti-reverse Protection


1. On-board mature and stable 8bit MCU and MAX485 level conversion chip

2. Communication protocol: support standard Modbus RTU protocol

3. Communication interface: Support RS485 / TTL UART interface

4. Communication baud rate: 4800/9600/19200, default 9600bps, support power saving

5. Photocoupler input signal: DC3.3-30V (This input cannot be used for relay control)

6. Output signal: relay switch signal, support manual, flash-off, flash-off mode, the delay base of flash-off / flash-off is 0.1S, the maximum settable flash-off / flash-off time is 0xFFFF * 0.1S = 65535 * 0.1 S = 6553.5S

7. Device address:  1-255, default 255, support power-down save

8. Onboard one 5V, 10A / 250V AC 10A / 30V DC relay, which can continuously attract 100,000 times, with diode leakage protection, short response time

9. Onboard relay switch indicator

10. Supply voltage: DC7-24V, with input anti-reverse protection


1. VCC, GND: DC7-24V power input
2. IN, GND: DC3.3-30V optocoupler signal input
3. A +, B-: RS485 communication interface, A +, B- are connected to A +, B-
4. Relay switch signal output
NC: normally closed end, the relay is short-circuited to COM before pull-in, and left floating after pull-in;
COM: public end;
NO: Normally open, the relay is suspended before the pull-in, and shorted to COM after the pull-in.
5. Relay indicator: lit when the relay is on
6. GND, RXD, TXD: TTL level UART communication interface, GND, RXD, TXD are respectively connected to GND, TXD, RXD of the external control terminal

Kit include:

1 x Modbus RTU 7-24V Relay Module

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