Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Lens - 16mm Telephoto


This is the 16mm C-mount telephoto lens from CGL Electronics Co. Ltd. for use with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Module. The lens produces a 10MP picture in a 1in image format and is easily interchangeable using the thumb screw and adapter included with the Pi HQ Camera Module. This telephoto lens excels when taking distance photos or close up photo.

This lens can be used as a great accessory for time lapse photography, night sky, or landscape photography. Also, equally applicable to the 6mm lens for home security when close up detail is required.

Note: The HQ Module includes an extension ring that is only needed for this 16mm lens.


  • Resolution: 10MP
  • Image Format: 1"
  • Aperture: F1.4-16
  • Mount: C
  • Field Angle:
    • 1" - 44.6°× 33.6°
    • 2/3" - 30.0°× 23.2°
    • 1/1.8" - 24.7°× 18.6°
    • 1/2" - 21.8°× 16.4°
  • Back Focal Length: 17.53mm
  • M.O.D.: 0.2m
  • Dimensions: 39.00×50.00mm

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