Raspberry Pi PCB Kit - Half-Size


This is the half-sized Raspberry Pi Perma-Proto Breadboard from Adafruita simple solder-able-type bare PCB kit that affords you with the luxury of soldering in your own custom prototype with GPIO connection capabilities to a Raspberry Pi. The Perma-Proto comes in the same size and shape as our regular breadboard with the same power rails running the outside length. What makes this board really neat is that it is actually cut in half13 rows of 4-pin holes break out the GPIO cable while on the other side there is one row of double 4-pin holes and 14 rows of double 5-hole rows for prototyping. Essentially your are getting a solder-able breadboard and a GPIO breakout in one neat little package!

This kit is shipped with the GPIO shrouded header and the Perma-Proto PCB as separate parts so some basic soldering will be required.

Kit include:

  • 1x Perma-Proto PCB
  • 1x GPIO Shrouded Header (2x13)

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