Red Tactile Push Button Switch


Red Color LED Reset Tactile Button Normally Open 4 Pin Touch Switch 12*12mm

  • Size: 12mm x12mm
  • Rating:  50 mA x 12 V DC
  • Tactile Push Button Switch Momentary Tact with LED 12x12x7.0 mm 4-pin DIP Through-Hole

Kinds of structure and color for fixed-stand and cover

can choose any color led
button and tact type, feeling and rhythm are perfect

Environment Temperature: -25 to +85 degree
Relative humidity: (40 degree)<=80%
Rating: DC12V. 50MA
Contact resistance: <=100MΩ
Insulation resistance:>=100MΩ DC 250V/ 1MIN
Dielectric strength: AC250V(50HZ FOR 1MINUTE)
Electrically life:100,000 cycles
Mechanical life: 100,000 cycles
Travel: 0.25 ±0.1mm
Operating force: 160±50GF

This product is small, mainly used in digital cameras / cameras, recorders, industrial equipment, electrical appliances, communications and consumer indicator, medical instrument timber, mobile phone / TV / intercom, VC, DVD, instrumentation, high-end toys on the remote control, small appliances, communication products and other computer peripheral products, more extensive, mature product production process, the performance is quite stable, highly cost advantage.

Kit include:

1 x Red Color LED Reset Tactile  Button Normally Open 4 Pin Touch Switch 12*12mm

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