Reprap Ultimaker V1.5.7 Control Board


A simple four-way JST connector plug for all motors.

Controlling the stepper motor up to 5 (3 XYand Z-axis extruder (the "E-axis")optionally can be added by adding a second shaft Pololu stepper drive.

By jumper configuration steps.

3 times 55 amps output MOSFET (with LED indicators. Actual current limited capacity PCB and connector)

All leads are breaking the maximum scalability from 15V to 19V.

Thermocouple inputor thermistor input. 100K thermistor recommendations.

Power on / switch documented board.

Thermocouple wiring easier.

(Normally open) fan-cooled electronic device includes a 12V regulator.

Now LCD backlight dimming can be software controlled.

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