S8218 Servo Motor 40KG

Description: CYS-S8218 40KG Metal Gear Digital 6V-7.4V 0.18s-0.20s/60 High Torque HV Servo for 1/5 RC Car

The CYS-S8218 is a well designed and high quality servo which is digital, fitted with metal gears for reliability. It is made of high quality material, which may make your operation much more remarkable.

Item No. CYS-S8218
Type Digital
Weight 164g
Size 59.5*29*55.2mm
Control System (+)Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
Required Pulse
Operating Voltage 6.0~7.4Volts
Operating Temperature Range (-)10 to +50 degree C
Operating Speed (6.0V) 0.20sec/60° at no load
Operating Speed (7.4V) 0.18sec/60° at no load
Stall Torque (6.0V) 36kg.cm
Stall Torque (7.4V) 38kg.cm
Operating Angle 45deg.one side pulse traveling 500 usec
360 Modifiable No
Direction Anticlockwise/Pulse Traveling 1000~2000usec
Current Drain (6.0V) 20mA/idle and 700mA no load operating
Current Drain (7.4V) 20mA/idle and 900mA no load operating
Stall Current 7.5A/8.6A
Dead Band Width 4usec
Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite Drive
Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Horn gear spline 17T
Gear Type Meta

Important Notes:
-Refer to the figure when installing the servo accessories.
-For engine powered airplanes and boats, rubber must be used to reduce vibration.
- Please choose correct model for your application.
-Torque over-loaded will damage the servo's mechanism-. 
- Keep the servo clean and away from dust, corrosive gas and humid air.


Easy to install 
Made of aluminum alloy material
Stall torgue of 36kg.cm(6.0V), 38kg.cm (7.4V)
High precision metal gear
Suit for 1/5 RC car

Kit include:

1 *CYS-S8218 40KG Digital Servo

1 * Spare Parts Set

70 JD
In stock

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