SIM808 Module GSM GPRS GPS Development Board IPX SMA with GPS GSM Antenna


1.Three power input interface: DC044 interface and V_IN and a lithium battery interface.
Note that: The range of DC044 and the V_IN pin voltage input is 5 - 26V, when use the 5V as the power, be sure that the power supply can provide 2A current. The range of voltage of Lithium battery input power is 3.5 - 4.2V.
2. Switch: It is used to open / close the input power supply for the module. When in use, please confirm the toggle switched to the OPEN state (near the board inside).
3. SMA antenna interface: there is a GSM antenna interface, a GPS antenna interface onboard and a BT antenna interface.
4. Start button: When the board is power on, the LED (PWR) will light up. After a long press (about 2 second) on this button, the other three LEDs will be light. And one of them starts to flash; this suggests that SIM808 is beginning to work now. When the power supply, GSM and GPS antenna and SIM card are connected to the module correctly, the LED will be flash slowly (3Second de 1second light), that indicates that the module is registered to the network, and you can make a call or do something else.
5. TTL serial interface: a TTL level interface. Notice that: The pin of VMCU is used to control the high level of TTL UART, so as to realize to match between 1.25V/3.3V /5V systems. For example, if you want to use the 51 MCU to control this board, the pin of VMCU should be connected the DC5V. And if use the STM32 MCU, the pin of VMCU should be connected the DC3.3V. The pins of RXD is the RXD of SIM808 and the pins of TXD is the TXD of SIM808. The pin of V_IN can connect the Power, the function of this pin has the same function of DC044.
6. USB interface: This interface is just use to update the firmware of SIM808 module.

Program provided (STC12/15/89, STM32 series):

Make a call
Answer the phone
Send text format SMS
Send Chinese SMS
Receive SMS control LED light
GPRS_TCP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_TCP program (domain name)
GPRS_UDP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_UDP program (domain name)
GPRS transparent transmission mode program
Comprehensive functional demo program (STM32)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC12)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC15)
Bluetooth test program (PPS service, Bluetooth serial)
Bluetooth phone control LED light
GPS test program

The module basic through the serial port to send AT commands to achieve control,
use this module only requires a power supply and a serial port.
Control module method:

Operation Description:

1. Preparation:
 DC9V adapter
 USB-TTL module or other tools.
PC software
2. Hardware configurations
2.1 Connect the USB-TTL to the UART interface

TXD       RXD
RXD       TXD
GND       GND

2.2 Insert the valid SIM card to the SIMCARD holder.
2.3 Connect the GPS antenna and GSM antenna to the board
    Connect the power adapter to the DC044 Interface
2.4 Change the switch
2.6 Press the POWKEY button for 2 second, the SIM808 module will work and the other 3 LEDs will light.


Power supply: 5-26V
When the power supply is less than 9V, needs 2A DC
Another channel power supply port is 3.5-4.2V, suitable lithium battery
Computer debugging USB - TTL
1 channel TTL serial port, can switch GPS and GSM function
Can realize GPS positioning, messaging, data and other functions, the average standby at 80MA
Power consumption is about 10MA
With voice and microphone interface

1 channel GPS antenna interface, SMA interface for connecting an active antenna (default), you can also access the passive antenna
1 channel GSM antenna interface, SMA interface
1 channel Bluetooth antenna interface, SMA interface
1 channel voice interface, 1 channel mic interface
1 channel efficient LDO power supply, input voltage is 5-26V. Note that when the input voltage is less than 9V, please ensure that the power supply can provide current 2A. Another channel power supply input port 3.5-4.2V (suitable for lithium battery)
1 channel TTL level interface, perfectly compatible with 5V, 3.3V, 2.85V level system
1 channel USB interface, allows easy updates to SIM808
Important chip pin all leads out

Kit include:

1 X SIM808 Module
1 X GSM Antenna
1 X GPS Antenna

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60 JD
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