SUMO JS200XF Infrared Long Range Sensor


The world's best Infrared sensor for long range detection up to 200cm.

JS200XF is a high-performance Infrared sensor with long range and wide detection angle. Good quality at good price. Specially manufactured for better seeing black colour from longer distances. Your new favourite sensor for sumo robots. Can be used at another projects like home automation sensor, barrier sensor, door sensor.

Sensor Features

  • Long range (200 cm).
  • Works with 5V draws 15mA max.
  • Easy indicator red led at backside.
  • Metal threaded inserts for strong mechanical connection.
  • Up to 200 cm range in smallest size.
  • Comes with 15cm stranded wire.
  • Refresh rate is 600hz. Response time is 1.68 milliseconds.
  • Reverse voltage protection circuitry included.
  • Direct digital (Logic 1 Seen, Logic 0 Not seen) output. No fancy serial outputs.
  • BEST digital Infrared (IR) sensor for sumo robots with good price. No need to buy expensive sensors for shorter range.
Dimensions & Weight
  • 12.45mm Height (Bottom to Top)
  • 32.6mm Width (Left to right)
  • 19.40mm Length (Back to front)
  • 8 grams total weight.

33.5 JD
35 JD
Out of stock

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