SUMO MR45 Industrial Diffuse Type Sensor (5V)


  • It can sense objects up to 45 centimeters away.
  • With its block shape, you can easily use this sensor at mini sumo robots.
  • The sensor is working at 5V, gives NPN open collector output. (You should use with mcu which have pull-up function or add a 10 kohm resistor between signal and 5V line)

Cable Colors:

  • Yellow: NPN Output (Logic Level)
  • Red : 5V
  • White: 0V (GND)
Some sensors can have different cable colors. Please refer to this:
  • Black: NPN Output (Logic Level)
  • Brown: 5V
  • Blue: 0V (GND)
These colors are also industry standards.

We suggest using with REM Mini Sumo Robot Chassis


28 JD
In stock

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