Smart Water Valve Bluetooth Graffiti App Control Sprinkler Timer Suitable for Garden Agriculture


Smart courtyard garden irrigation water valve Bluetooth graffiti app control sprinkler timer suitable for garden agriculture

Main Features:
1.Remote Control and Smart Watering: Water hose timer design with Bluetooth 5.0, easy and convenient scheduling through the app within a range of 49.2ft(without interfere); Smart hose timer allow you watering on minutes, hours, specific days of the week; Always keep your watering time setting, even when the signal goes down, there's no need to reset your schedules

2. Multi-Functional with 3 Modes: Auto, manual watering and rain delay featured in Smart Life App. The rain delay feature allows you to postpone watering for 24h, 48h or 72h due to rain; Meanwhile the manual watering feature will shift from automatic to manual watering via the app or pressing the button without disturbing the programmed schedule; Fit for palms, vegetable garden and potted flowers.

3.Bluetooth Gateway Hub Required for Added Convenience: This Bluetooth water timer is designed with Bluetooth protocol for single-adding devices into Smart Life App with smart phone Bluetooth on. More importantly, it is Bluetooth gateway required to be added for stable wireless remote control and irrigation history in Tuya Smart App. Smart phones Bluetooth on is only featured as connecting devices and operating preset timers, no more extra various intelligent controls.

4.Upgraded Leak-Proof Design: The connectors of smart sprinkler timer are made of 30% reinforced nylon material, which can withstand water pressures 2.9 psi and up to 116 psi with IP55 waterproof standard reached. It's a perfect outdoor water timer for drip irrigation, water sprinkler, hose faucet or rain barrels.

5.Simple to Setup and Use: No need of tools, simply fit the timer onto the tap/faucet and connect hose attachment to the male snap-on connector, that's it!The faucet timer with 2 1.5V AA batteries can run up to 6 months for saving water and energy in a real  sense; includes full 2-year warranty and 60-day refund guarantee for complete satisfaction.

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