Solar Panel 6V 1W (110X60)mm


  • Product size: (110X60)mm
  • Max. voltage: 6V
  • Max. power: 1W
  • Max. current: 170mA


  • For home lighting
  • Suitable for solar powered water pumpsmall solar power systemetc.
  • For DIY solar power toys

Friendly remind:

  • This solar panel can't charge smart phonelike iPhoneGalaxyetc. as smart phone has current protection system.
  • the current from solar panel is not stable because of sunlight changethe smart phone refuse to be charged.
  • If see any advertisement said can charge iPhonethat's false advertisementplease be attention.


  • High conversion rate
  • High efficiency output
  • Excellent weak light effect

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6 JD
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5.7 JD 10+ units
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5.1 JD 100+ units

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