Solar Powered Windmills Wind Turbine ABS Plastics White


  • Solar windmill is a DIY product that uses low-light amorphous silicon solar panels as its power source. The product is divided into three parts, the base, the connecting rod and the blades
  • Under indoor lighting, solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy to drive the blades to begin to rotate. The overall shape of the solar toy windmill is simple and smooth, and it is better to put it in a place where the light is slightly stronger (more than 800lm)
  • It is vivid, novel and fashionable. The products are not equipped with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries. They are completely driven by solar energy. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. They can be used as teaching materials for students, and can be used as arts and crafts and display products
  • The solar windmill can be converted into a solar rotating display stand. The connecting rod can be removed and placed on a transparent tray. It can be used as a rotating display stand for displaying products, which can display jewelry, mobile phones, cameras, cigarettes, glasses and other products
  • Installation instructions: Take the base out and place it on the table top, then insert the lower conversion plug of the connecting rod on the base shaft, and finally connect the fan blades on the shaft protruding from the fan box, and the solar windmill is assembled. If it is converted into a solar rotating display stand, the connecting rod will be removed, and the spare transparent holder will be placed to complete the installation of the solar rotating display stand

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