Soldering Helping Hands With LED Light and Magnifier Station - TE-802


LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station - TE-802 Lighted Heavy Base Magnifying Glass Stand with Auxiliary Clamp Alligator Clips - for Soldering, Assembly, Repair, Workshop, Hobby and Crafts

♦ BALANCED WITH A HEAVY BASE - This helping hand lets you fully focus on the work you are doing without having to worry that the tool will tilt over or move. Other than the third hand and a magnifying lamp, it also contains the spindle for brazing solder and the holder for the soldering iron makes this and indispensable tool.

♦ FEATURES THAT HELP - No matter if you are assembling electronic components, micro soldering or doing other detail work, the holder for the soldering iron, the third hand, the magnifying lamp and spindle for brazing solder will help you with your task. ‘Third hand’ in aiding you with DIY repairs and is the perfect solution for the workshop.

♦ SECURING SMALL PARTS - It is annoying to lose small parts while building or fixing something. That is the reason why 2 sturdy metal clamps and a flexible 'gooseneck' clamp secure circuit boards and small parts.

♦ GOOSENECK MAGNIFYING GLASS - Ease your sight with the 16 integrated LEDS and view objects with its 2.5x (6 Diopter) and 4x (12 Diopter) magnification.

♦ FOR WORK AND HOBBY - This helping hand is ideal for micro soldering, assembling parts, building rc quadcopters and miniatures and any other kinds of tasks.

Kit include:

1 x LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station - TE-802

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