Solderless Breadboard 3220 Points


The diameter of the copper core of the lead or wire inserted into the breadboard is about 0.8mm, which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the pin. The pin or lead of the component should be inserted into the square hole along the vertical direction of the breadboard, and you should be able to feel a slight , Uniform friction resistance, when the breadboard is upside down, the components should be clamped by the reed and not fall off. Breadboards should be stored in a ventilated, dry place, especially to avoid being corroded by the electrolyte leaking from the battery. To keep the breadboard clean, do not insert soldered components on the breadboard.

Item Type: Solderless Breadboard

Material: ABS, aluminum plate
Purpose: Experiment, test, robot
4 Terminal Strips: 2520 jacks
7 Distribution Strips: 700 jacks
Power Terminal: 4
Matching Jumper: Wire diameter 0.8mm
Voltage/Current: 300V / 3-5A


1. These electronic components can be reused, environmentally friendly recycling.

2. These components possesses clear colors, making it easy and convenient to use and operate.
3. The package includes 1 breadboard, 65 jumper wires, 4 binding posts and 4 rubber mats.
4. The breadboard kits accept wires with a diameter of 20‑29AWG and is very suitable for the prototypes and circuit design experiment and other DIY projects.
5. Breadboard can be assembled in fixed units, making replacement and installation convenient and simple.

Kit include:

1 x Breadboard

4 x Binding Posts

4 x Rubber Mat

19 JD
20 JD
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