Spider Robot Six Legs With 18 Servos


Arduino Hexapod Robot has a more natural lookingmore articulate leg and body design. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design means this robot can walk in any direction! The robot has been designed to use 18 TowerPro MG996 Servo(Max torque 13kg) servos for the legs. The kit includes everything you need to build the robot. In addition you will need Electronics and Batteries. This is quite possibly the nicest lookingbest performingcommercially available hexapod out there.


  • Stall Torque: 10kg/cm
  • Operating Speed: 0.2sec / 60degree(4.8V)
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.2V
  • Temperature Range: 0?-55?
  • Dead Band Width: 10us


  • MG996 servo for Gasoline engine planetrain-flyer
  • Features 3 pole ferritedual ball bearing
  • With 3 metal ears and 1 resin metal gear
  • The servo is easy to install
  • This is a great upgrade RC Helicopter Gear Servo for your RC hobbyRC helicopter
  • The RC Helicopter Gear Servo has a10g Plastic Gear Servo and many accessories

Kit include:

  • 18x TowerPro MG996 Servo(Max torque 13kg)
  • 12x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket
  • 6x Large Aluminum hexapod robot legs 
  • 6x Small Aluminum hexapod robot legs
  • 2x Hexapod robot main mounting plate
  • This product includes everything you need to build a robot to control with your electronics.

280 JD
330 JD
In stock

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