Square LED Digital Voltmeter Ammeter 22mm Measuring AC 60-500V 0-100A


It is digital voltage tester signal indicator, high brightness LED display and cylindrical main body.

The meter can only use to measure AC electricity.

It can be used as signal indication, warning signal, accident signal and other signals in the line of electric power, telecommunication, machine tool, ship, textile,printing and mining machinery.




  • Item: Indicator Voltmeter & Ammeter
  • Voltage: AC 60-500V 
  • Current: 0-100A
  • Material: Electrical components
  • Panel size: 31x31mm/1.22x1.22inch
  • Mounting aperture:22mm
  • Display color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Quantity: 1 Set

Kit include:

  • 1 * Voltage & Current Indicator
  • 1 * Current Transformer

8 JD
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