Stepper motor 1.8° per step, 1.7 A, 0.36 N.m ( NEMA17 ) 17HS4401


A smaller bipolar (4-wire) NEMA17 stepper motor with 200 steps per revolution (1.8 degrees per step).  This is not the most powerful NEMA17 motor, but it's a little smaller, with a respectable holding torque of 4000 g·cm (0.36 N·m, 56 oz·in).  It has a current rating of 1.7 A, which is ideally suited for small drivers such as Allegro A4983 and A4988, and Texas Instruments DRV8811, DRV8818 and DRV8825, as found on Pololu and StepStick driver modules, and on boards such as gShield/grblShield and TinyG.  It also works very well with higher current drivers such as those based on the TB6560 and TB6600.  This motor is smaller, but still powerful enough for the Shapeoko and eShapeoko.  It is ideally suited for the camera slider.  We also stock heavier but more powerful 1.8° and 0.9° motors.

Technical Specifications

Form factor: NEMA17

Motor length: 40 mm

Motor weight: 240 g

Shaft diameter: 5 mm

Step angle: 1.8°
Rated current: 1.7 A
Rated voltage: 3.4 V
Phase resistance: 2 ohm
Phase inductance: 3 mH
Holding torque: 4000 g·cm (0.36 N·m)
Rotor inertia: 54 g·cm2
Detent torque: 220 g·cm
Wiring: bipolar (4-wire)

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