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The Basic Electricity circuit kit includes everything that you need to get started,provides a hands-on opportunity for students in grades 7-11 to build simple circuits With our physics lab kit, you can build many interesting experiments, such as stair double-switch circuits, traffic lights, electromagnets, hand-cranked generators, series and parallel circuits, etc. The kit contains English instructions,it starts simple to gets little complex, and introduces various basic circuit experiments and magnetic knowledges. Note: This set does not contain two AA batteries. You need to purchase 2 AA batteries to drive the circuit. Package Including: 2 X AA Batteries Holders 2 X Bulb Holders 5 X Bulbs 2 X Switches(SPDT) 1 X Switches(SPST) 1 X Hand crank generation model 1 X Compass 1 X Wind Power Car 1 X Screwdriver 10 X Cable 1 X Electromagnet 1 X Double LED board 1 X Transparent storage box 1 X Small wrench


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