Submersible Liquid Hydrostatic Level Sensor


Submersible Hydrostatic Liquid Level Sensor, Output Signal 0-5V

Default Range 0-5 Meter.

304 Stainless Steel Material.

Diffused-Silicon Pressure Sensor.
wire Length: 5m 


It is a high quality hydrostatic level measuring instrument, which is developed by introducing the advanced

diffusion silicon pressure sensor and IC SENSORS circuit technology from NOVO company in the United States,

and it applies the silicon fine etching process and silicon wafer lamination, which are two cutting-edge technologies

in the world. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, water

conservancy, urban water supply, oilfield and other industries for liquid level measurement. The excellent quality of

the hydrostatic level transmitter meets the need for high-precision liquid level detection instrumentation for

industrial automation and metering automation of some industries in China.




Working Principle

Measuring principle by hydrostatic pressure when the level transmitter is put into the measured liquid at a certain depth, the pressure on the liquid surface of the sensor is P=ρ.g.h+P0 in the formula

P: the pressure on the liquid surface of the sensor

Unit: Pa

ρ: density of the measured liquid

Unit: Kg/m³

g: local acceleration of gravity

Unit: m/s²

P0: Atmospheric pressure on the liquid surface

Unit: Pa

H: sensor into the liquid depth

Unit: m

At the same time, the atmospheric pressure P0 on the liquid surface is introduced into the back pressure

chamber of the sensor through the air guide cable to offset the P0 on the liquid surface of the sensor, so that the

pressure measured by the sensor is P=ρ.g.h. Obviously, the liquid level depth H can be obtained by measuring the

pressure P. The pressure signal sensed by the sensor is converted and amplified by the circuit and output as a

standard signal after compensation.

Output signal
Measurement accuracy
0.5% (0.2% can be customized)
Zero drift
Temperature drift
Operating Voltage
Compensated temperature
Operating temperature
-20~70ºC (recommended below 50ºC)
Overload capacity
Measuring medium
>1×10^8 pressure cycle (25ºC)
Shell material
Various liquids compatible with 304
Diaphragm material
316L stainless steel
Protection class


Wiring Diagram:
Red: power+

Black: Power-

Blue: Signal


Good stability

high accuracy

high performance /price ratio

directly into the measured medium

installation and use is quite convenient

solid-state structure

no moving parts, high reliability

long service life, from water

oil to viscosity of the larger paste can be measured with high accuracy

not affected by the measured medium blistering deposition

electrical characteristics no material fatigue wear

insensitive to vibration, shock

no polarity

0-5v output.

Kit include:

1 x Submersible Liquid Hydrostatic Level Sensor

79 JD
In stock

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