TTGO T-Beam LORA 868MHZ ESP32 WiFi Wireless Bluetooth Module GPS NEO-6M IPEX 18650 Battery Holder


T-SX1262 wireless transceiver module, using Semtech SX1262 LORA RF transceiver chip design, works in the 868/915MHz ISM frequency band, integrates a highly stable TCXO 32MHz crystal oscillator, half-duplex transceiver module, power up to +22dBm, to -139dBm receiving sensitivity. Automatic switching of sending and receiving, isolation of internal sending and receiving channels, advanced LORA spread spectrum communication technology, with strong anti-interference and privacy, can realize long-distance wireless data sending and receiving.


  • Lastest ESP32 Version: REV1
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • 4MB Flash
  • 3D Antenna


  • Working voltage: 1.8~3.7V
  • Receiving current: 4.2~8.2mA
  • Working frequency: 433.92M, 470M, 868M, 915M
  • Transmitting power: +22dBm
  • Frequency error: +/-0.5ppm@TCXO crystal ◆ FIFO space: 256Byte
  • Data rate: 0.6K~300Kbps@FSK
  • 0.018K~62.5Kbps@ LoRaTM
  • Modulation method: FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM, OOK
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Test conditions: power supply 3.3V, temperature 25℃
  • Parameter:Minimum Typical value Max Unit Condition

Working conditions

  • Operating voltage:1.8 3.3 3.7V
  • Working temperature:-40 +25 +85 ℃
  • Power consumption
  • Emission current:89 100 114mA 400~520MHz
  • 124 130 135 830~945MHz
  • Receiving current:4.2 5.3 8.2 400~520MHz
  • Sleep current:0.016 1.2 1.5uA Sleep mode


  • GPS modules NEO-6M, 3V-5V power supply Universal
  • Destined module with ceramic antenna, signal super
  • Save the configuration parameter data EEPROM Down
  • With data backup battery
  • There are LED signal indicator
  • Default Baud Rate: 9600


  • Power Supply Input USB 5V/1A
  • Charging current 500mA
  • Battery Input 3.7-4.2V
  • Charge IC AXP192

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