TTP229 16-Channel Digital Capacitive Switch Touch Module


This capacitive touch sensor module uses the TTP229 integrated circuit, making it easy to add capacitive touch input to your project. It features 16 sensitive touch pads that make an ideal replacement for the old fashioned keypads.

Capacitive touch allows electronics to sense when your finger is within a few millimeter of a surface to simulate a button “press” just like how the push-button works. Capacitive sensing may be used in any place where low to no force human touch sensing is desirable.

This is a 16 switch based easy to use capacitive touch sensing module, This 16 switch digital touch sensor module is based on a touch sensing IV TTP229. This device has a built-in regulator for the touch sensor. We can add interfaces through the non-conductive dielectric material.


  • Built-in regulator
  • Two modes:
    Simple 8 key mode with independent 8 Channel parallel output.
    Advanced 16 Key modes with I2C interface output.
  • Modes can be selected and configured by the user.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.

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