Tank Chassis Robot


 goods for spare parts delivery installation need a certain patience and practical ability . just like playing blocks pear . we edit detailed installation use step spostpurchase \'ll issue . friend l4.50

 full metal the robot chassis bottom use all steel bearing . load bearing more load .

pedophilic to strengthen nylon . need full metal pedophilic the friend please contact .
long * * = wide high 266 mm * 236 mm * 146 mm .


  • high speed full metal gear gear motor 
  • voltage 3v when 220 revolutions per minute 
  • voltage 6v when 460 revolutions per minute 
  • voltage 9v when 690 revolutions per minute 
  • voltage 12v when 920 / minutesturn 
  • use this gear motor cooperate 65mm wheel do smart barrowload top speed to 10 hour/ km 

150 JD
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