Temperature Meter for Pool - Floating Pool Thermometer


Item Type: Water Thermometer

Material: Plastic

Size: Approx. 13x7.5cm / 5.1x3.0in

Weight: Approx. 98g / 3.5oz

Product Battery Information: Need a battery drive

Battery Model: LR44 Nominal voltage: 1.5V

Nominal Battery Capacity: 160mAh (delivered with battery)

Temperature Measurement Range: 0C ~ + 50C/ 32F ~ +122F

How to Use: Turn on the switch and put it on the pool to use.


1. Using solar LCD, and putting into the pool water can automatically sense the temperature of the water.

2. The measurement is accurate. Energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Water sensor probe, the thermometer is placed in the water, and the temperature of the pool water is sensed by the temperature sensor of the thermometer in the water.

4. It comes with a floating rope, which can float freely on the pool water or can be fixed in the corner of the pool. When using it, the effective part of the thermometer must be placed in the water.

5. The water thermometer is light in weight, convenient to test and easy to operate.

Kit include:

1 x  Water Thermometer

1 X 1M Rope

13 JD
In stock

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