Thermal Paste Thermal greese for PC HY510 ( Thermal Cooling pin )

Description: Pasta pendingin CPU GPU VGA Chipset DLL ukuran jumbo 30gr Tipe: HY510 Product Description: HY510Gray thermal conductivity silicone grease, this kind of silicone add high thermal conductive graphite powder, metal powder and other material, in order to obtain a better effect of thermal conductivity. This product is widely used in the CPU and the radiator filler, high-power second, transistor, thyristor, contact with the base material of the heat transfer of thin seam.Graphite thermal conductive silicone by using graphite of high thermal conductivity to fill the gap between IC or triode with heat sink, increase the contact area between them and achieve excellent heat dissipation effect. Products through SGS environmental protection certification, in line with the eu RoHS testing standards.Packaging variety, facilitating the clients to choose to use. Insulation performance is strong, can withstand voltage 10000 v above; Low thermal resistance, lasting keep paste state; Wide working temperature range, and 30 °C to 280 °C High heat dissipation performance, cost-effective Product parameters Heat transfer coefficient > 1.93 W/m k Thermal impedance < 0.225 C - W/in2 The proportion of > 2 g/cm3 Viscosity 1000 Concentration to 380 ± 10 1/10mm Instantaneous temperature resistant to 50 ~ 300 °C Working temperature - 30 ~ 280°C Ingredient Silicon compounds - 50% Carbon compounds - 30%

Metal oxide compound - 20%mal paste

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