USR-IO424T-EWR 4 Channel Network IO Controller with WiFi and Ethernet Support WAN/LAN RS485 Serial Server of 4DI/4DO/2AI/1PT


Support USR Cloud function and can realize remote control directly after powering on

Be adaptive to Modbus TCP/RTU protocol

Support Master mode and Slave mode for user to choose

Product overview

USR-IO424T-EWR is network IO product which supports 4-way input/output, 2-way analog quantity detection, 1-way temperature detection and Modbus RTU/TCP protocol. Take ‘Remote control’ as core function and have high usability. User can easily and quickly integrate USR-IO424T-EWR into own system to realize remote control which based on Ethernet and local control which based on LAN(WiFi) and RS485 .


  • Support 4-way Relay output.
  • Support 4-way input, default is dry contact.
  • Support 2-way analog input, default are voltage detection.
  • Support 1-way PT100 temperature input.
  • Support 8 conditional control command.
  • Support Web Server to configure IO424T-EWR.
  • Support various function code: 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x0F, 0x10.
  • Support socket to connect to remote server and TCP Client.
  • Support two work modes: Master mode and Slave mode. Master mode supports connecting to multiple Modbus RTU devices by RS485 cascading connection.
  • Adopt Modbus RTU protocol data processing. Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol adaptation.
  • Support WAN/LAN interface.
  • Support connecting to USR Cloud.
  • Support FTP remote upgrade.
  • Support upgrading by RS485.
  • Support hardware watchdog.
  • Support various LED to indicate work status.
  • Support power supply over-current, over-voltage, anti-reverse connection protection.

Kit include:

1 x USR-IO424T-EWR

1 x Antenna

99 JD
In stock

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