Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor for Tank


Our Advantages
Non-Contact type
Not contaminated by the measuring object, can be applicable to various fields such as acid,alkali, salt, anti-corrosion.
Low power supply DC 5V
Low power supply and power consume, can integrate solar power in the field.
Stable and reliable
Circuit modules and components adopt high-precision industrial-grade standards, which are stable and reliable
High precision
Embedded ultrasonic echo analysis algorithm, with dynamic analysis thinking, can be used without debugging

Wireless module

It can integrate GPRS/4G/WIFI/LORA/LORAWA wireless module.
Free server and software
We can send free cloud server and software to see real time data in PC or Mobile
Measure Principle
Installation Instructions
Since ultrasound has a certain beam angle, when installing, no obstacles are allowed within the beam angle range, otherwise the accuracy will be affected. Generally, it is necessary to ensure that there is no obstacle within a one-meter radius of the installation, the beam angle range is referenced as follows:

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