Vacuum Cleaner Double Turbine Blade Brushless Fan Motor


  • Imported two-turbine blade brushless fan motor, dose not have driven maschine, need to operate by brushless drive. It has 24V brushless 6000Pa electric test suction, and the actual fan is tested with brushless electric test 12V current 1.3A speed 18000 rpm, 24V voltage test current 3.2A speed 31000 rpm.
  • It is estimated for DIY vacuum cleaner or air gun, circulating fan is a good choice.
  • The motor is forced to cool the internal circulation, the rational 
  • application of basic do not have to consider the heat problem, specifically for how use by everyone to play the imagination. 
  • Fan shell is transparent, very beautiful in strength.
  • The structure of the motor is also very special and the coil is very rare.
  • The motor rotor has NdFeB with strong magnetic and double ball imported NMB with high-speed bearings.


  • Voltage(V):12-36V 
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Dimensions: 5.9x5.9cm/2.32x2.32inch
  • Shell color: transparent
  • Quantity: 1 Pc 

17 JD
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