Vibration Speaker Loudspeaker 50MM 25W


50mm Full Range Vibration Speaker Loudspeaker 4 Ohms 25W Bass Horn


  • The horn is all frequency effect, the bass is very strong, the equivalent of traditional loudspeaker 8 inch bass effect.
  • Latest innovation, break through tradition limitations, 360 ° frequency transmission.

  • Since there is no body standing wave, so all kinds of vocal music original, the sound quality of each sound frequency range is very clear.

  • Sound penetration is strong, small size and convenient.

  • Suitable for computer, laptop, MP3, MP4, CD, mobile phone, PSP and other equipment sound playback and sound expand.


Color: steel

Impedance power: 4 Ω 25 w

Type: electrodynamic (moving coil)

Shape: round

Diaphragm material: non-paper

Magnetic circuit form: internal magnetic type

Frequency characteristics: full spectrum band (full range)

Rated power: 25W

Frequency response: 20HZ -- 20KHZ (kHz)

Directivity: positive

Sensitivity: 95 (dB/W)

Noise ratio: 90 (dB)

Harmonic distortion: 5 (TMD %)

Size: 50 * 50 * 30 mm/1.97*1.97*1.18inch

Weight: 268 g

Package Included:

1 x  Vibration Speaker

25 JD
In stock

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