Vinnic CR1632 3V Battery


The CR1632 battery by Vinnic is a non-rechargeable lithium coin or button cell battery that is 20mm diameter x 3.2mm thickness. The CR1632 battery has a voltage of 3 volts and a capacity of up to 240mAh. The CR1632 is a commonly used lithium cell battery used for Calculators, Watches, Medical devices, Fitness appliances, Toys etc.


  • Button Cell Type Battery.
  • Non-rechargeable.
  • 3 Volts.
  • For Calculators, Watches, Medical devices, Fitness appliances etc

Kit include:

1 * CR1632 battery

1.5 JD
2 in stock
1.5 JD 1+ units
1.42 JD 10+ units
1.35 JD 25+ units
1.27 JD 100+ units

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