Voice Recognition Module


Voice Recognition Module V3
Speak to Control (Arduino compatible)


ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module is a compact and easy-control speaking recognition board.

This product is a speaker-dependent voice recognition module. It supports up to 80 voice commands in all.

Max 7 voice commands could work at the same time. Any sound could be trained as command. Users need

to train the module first before let it recognizing any voice command.

This board has 2 controlling ways: Serial Port (full function), General Input Pins (part of function). General

Output Pins on the board could generate several kinds of waves while corresponding voice command was


What’s new?

We already have Voice Recognition module V2. It supports 15 commands in all and only 5 commands at the

same time.

On V2, voice commands are separated into 3 groups while you training it. And only one group (5

commands) could to be imported into Recognizer. It means only 5 voice commands are effective at the

same time.

On V3, voice commands are stored in one large group like a library. Any 7 voice commands in the library

could be imported into recognizer. It means 7 commands are effective at the same time.



  •  Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
  •  Current: <40mA
  •  Digital Interface: 5V TTL level for UART interface and GPIO
  •  Analog Interface: 3.5mm mono-channel microphone connector + microphone pin interface
  •  Size: 31mm x 50mm
  •  Recognition accuracy: 99% (under ideal environment)

شرح :

فيديو تعليمي لكيفية استخدام الموديول  بالتفصيل


  •  Support maximum 80 voice commands, with each voice 1500ms (one or two words speaking)
  •  Maximum 7 voice commands effective at same time
  •  Arduino library is supplied
  •  Easy Control: UART/GPIO
  •  User-control General Pin Output


  • VR3 -- Voice Recognition Module V3
  •  Recognizer -- a container where acting voice commands (max 7) were loaded.
    It is core part ofvoice recognition module. For example, it works like “playing balls”. You have 80 players in your team. But you could not let them all play on the court together. The rule only allows 7 players   playing on the court. Here the Recognizer is the list which contains names of players working on the court.
  • Recognizer index -- max 7 voice commands could be supported in the recognizer.
       The recognizer has 7 regions for each voice command. One index corresponds to one region: 0~6
  •  Train -- the process of recording your voice commands
  •  Load -- copy trained voice to recognizer
  •  Voice Command Record -- the trained voice command store in flash, number from 0 to 79
  •  Signature -- text comment for record
  •  Group -- help to manage records, each group 7 records. System group and user group are supported.

Kit include:

  • Voice recognition Module x1
  • Mic x1
  • pin headert x4


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37 JD
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