Water Cooled Heat Sink Radiator 40 * 40 * 12mm Aluminum


M-shape flow channel, make the alternating area of hot and cold water to maximize

7mm outside diameter pagoda-shape water nozzle, firm to plug the water pipes on

Double-side polished, two sides can be placed on 1-2 cooling plates

Flat and smooth surfaces, which is convenient and easy for you to place anywhere

Application: Dedicated water-cooled head for cooling plate; flat water-cooled plate; CPU cooling radiator; DIY water-cooled module


-Product Size: 40 x 40 x 12mm

-Internal: M-shaped flow channel

-Processing: Vacuum Aluminum Brazing

-The pagoda nozzle: minimum outer diam7mm

-Polishing working surface and better heat absorption

6.5 JD
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