Weighing Sensor Load Cells 100KG


Specification :

Comprehensive error: 0.02% F.S
Sensitivity: 1.0 0.1mv / v
Nonlinearity: 0.02% F.S
Hysteresis: 0.02% F.S
Importance of: 0.02% F.S
Creep: 0.02% F.S/10min
0:00 Output: 2% F.S
Input Impedance: 405±10
Output impedance: 350±3

Insulation resistance :5000M (100V DC)
Excitation voltage :5VDC to 12VDC
Temperature compensation range :10 to +40℃
Operating temperature range: -20 to +60℃
Temperature effect on zero: 0.03% F.S/10
Temmp.effect: 0.02% F.S/10
Safe overload: 120%
Ultimate Overload: 150%
Protection class: IP65

Black Power + , white Power - Red Signal + green signal -

Use Special Note:
The sensor is a precision parts, severe vibration, fall, collision, overload, overvoltage, etc.
It's very likely to cause permanent damage to the sensor or affect the accuracy and linearity.
After all, the resistance and capacitance transistors and other components compared to other electronic components to be more fragile.

Resistance strain gauge pressure sensorMainly by the elastic body, the resistance strain gauge cable and other components, the internal circuit using Huygens bridge, when the elastic body is deformed under load.
Resistance strain gauge ( conversion element ) film subjected to tensile or compressive strain deformation, its resistance will change (increase or decrease), so that the bridge out of balance, a corresponding differential signal for subsequent measurement circuit and handling.

Package includeds :

1 x 100KG Electronic Platform Scale
Details pictures :

200KG Electronic Platform Scale Load Cell Pressure Balanced Cantilever Load Weight Sensor

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