XS3868 Wireless Bluetooth Module Stereo Audio Module


XS3868 Wireless Bluetooth Module Stereo Audio Module OVC3860 Chip Supports A2DP AVRCP

XS - 3868 stereo bluetooth module 

1.Scope of application
1). The bluetooth stereo headset
2). The bluetooth stereoParameter

1). The USB charging voltage: 4.2 V ~ 9 V
2). The USB charging current: 400 ma
3). XS - 3868 power supply voltage: 3.6 V to 4.2 V
4). Play music current: 80 ma (MAX)
5). The current machine: less than 1 ma
6). The module size: 49 * 22 mm (not welded XS - 3868), 54.5 * 22 mm (welding XS - 3868)

Directions for use
The implications of LED lights:


D1: recharging
D2: charging complete
D3: battery is low
D4: LED1, bluetooth working instructions
D5: LED2, bluetooth working instructions
The key implications:

3.Previous: a song
Next: the Next song
VOL - : the volume reduction
VOL + : volume plus
Play/Pause: start/Pause, long press the switch machine

4.Matters needing attention
1). Next to the antenna can not have metal
2). Sound box can't large shield





1). High integration, low cost, low power consumption
2) meet Bluetooth2.0 specification
3) support A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4 profiles
4). Block integrated EEPROM, configurable working mode and parameters
5). Stereo audio output can direct drive 40 mw 32 Ω speakers
6). Low voltage detection

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