ZK-MG DC 5V-30V 5A 150W High Power PWM DC Motor Governor LED Dimming Module With Switch


5V12V24V high power PWM dc motor governor LED dimming module

With enclosure, with switch, adjustable frequency, adjustable duty cycle upper and lower limit, MG

Why does the motor governor need to set the frequency?

Motor governor frequency is too low, power ripple, motor vibration; The frequency is too high, the switch loss is large, the electromagnetic noise is obvious. If the frequency is not chosen properly, the effective power output of the motor will be greatly reduced. The factory default frequency of this product is 20KHz, which can meet most of the motor requirements. Consult motor manufacturer for specific frequency selection.

Product highlights:

1- equipped with start-stop button, and can be external switch control, to meet various customer control requirements

2- motor soft start function. When starting the motor, the current increases slowly and there is no shock current, which can effectively protect the motor and prolong its service life

3- duty cycle, duty cycle upper and lower limits and working frequency can be set to facilitate customers to operate and use their motors according to their working characteristics.

4- digital encoder knob adjusts motor speed, which is more accurate and consistent than ordinary potentiometer.

5- with standard 5135 instrument shell, convenient for customer installation.

2. Technical parameters:

1- working voltage: DC5V~30V, input anti-reverse connection protection

2- rated current: 5A maximum current 15A

3- maximum power: 150W

4- working frequency: 1KHz~99KHz adjustable, 1KHz step, default frequency of 20KHz, accuracy of about 1%

5- duty cycle: 0-100%, 1% step

6- product size: 79mm*43mm*26mm

7- product weight: 41g

8- packaging: carton packaging

3. Operation instructions:

1- operation of digital encoder knob

In the default interface :(the duty cycle is displayed by default)

Short press - switch motor start and stop

Long press -- to enter the setting interface

Counterclockwise rotation -- the duty ratio decreases

Clockwise rotation -- increased duty cycle

Under the setting screen:

Short press -- select setting parameters and switch between duty cycle lower limit, duty cycle upper limit and working frequency.The display form of duty cycle lower limit is "L" + two digits, the display form of duty cycle upper limit is "H" + two digits or "100", and the display form of working frequency is "F" + two digits.

Long press -- exit the setting interface

Counterclockwise rotation - the corresponding Settings are reduced

Clockwise rotation - the setting parameters increase accordingly

2- back STOP port

Switch key or 3.3v level can be externally connected. Switch the start/stop state of the motor when the key is closed or 3.3v level is lowered.

Kit include:

1 x ZK-MG DC 5V-30V 5A 150W High Power PWM DC Motor Governor LED Dimming Module With Switch

10 JD
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