mini RS232 MAX3232 level to TTL level serial converter board module


MCU mini RS232 MAX3232 level to TTL level converter board serial converter board module

  • material: electrical components
  • a converter board for electrical levels
  • Cloth Model: MAX3232CSE
  • Voltage Range: 3 ~ 5 V
  • Max. Baud Rate: up to 120 kbps.
  • Chip: domestic MAX3232CSE

    Voltage range: 3V~5V

    The highest baud rate: not higher than 120kbps

    Size: 9.4mm*15.9mm

    The module of positive and negative, on both sides of the power supply is connected together, simply connect the side of can, can use two channels, both sides are independent, the arrow indicates the direction of signal, that is to input, that is outward output, near the RS232 RS232 level is close to the end of the character, TTL character end is TTL level

  • Kit include:

    1 x MAX3232  board module

    0.9 JD
    1.25 JD
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