silicone wire 18AWG 2x1m Red+Black


1m 18 AWG Gauge Silicone Wire Flexible Stranded Copper Cables special soft High Temperature silicone wire

  • High temperature and  low temperature -60℃~+200℃ and high pressure
  • Anti-wear, ultra-soft green silicone line, soft and can be bent, not easy to harden
  • Resistant to acid and alkali wear long life, the use of high-quality copper conductor copper oxidation resistance
  • Silicone skin is soft and difficult to harden and brittle 




Kit include:

  • 1meter 18AWG Red +1meter 18AWG  Black silicone

3 JD
0 in stock
3 JD 1+ units
2.85 JD 10+ units
2.7 JD 25+ units
2.55 JD 100+ units

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